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Release: 2010
Ref.: LJ13

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Release : october, 2010

« It’s been six years already since we started playing together, and we have met a lot, be it for concerts, work residences, coffees after rehearsals, rest periods listening to records and sharing our impressions and our trips, and talking for hours. I can remember all our little moments of happiness, our conflicts, the nice people we met together, the magical moments on stage, simple magical moments when you say to yourself that life is beautiful, and also more painful moments that allowed us to find friendly shoulders to lean on. All those moments of life that we shared have left on each of us strong impressions that have become parts of ourselves that have united us. The music on this record is the outcome of two years of work and “common life” and of the meeting of three persons who try to create a music that enables each one of us to express himself/herself on an equal footing and finally to be as one. » Anne Paceo



1. Poutchoum (6’53)
2. Immersion (5’49)
3. Fais de beaux rêves (6’03)
4. Le tonnerre est là (6’55)
5. Poussières (4’21)
6. Noun (10’24)
7. Jo-Anna’s Nirvana (7’39)
8. Sérénité (6’54)


TOTAL TIME : 54'58



Anne Paceo : Drums, vocals
Joan Eche-Puig : Double bass
Leonardo Montana : Piano



Produced by Laborie Jazz
Executive producer : Jean-Michel Leygonie
Recorded by Pierre Bianchi
Assistant : Nicolas Denis
Mixed by Pierre Bianchi at Studio Gimmick
Mastered by Raphaël Jonin
Photos by Gala / www.galaphotographer.com
Artwork by by Polygraphik / www.polygraphik.com and Nathalie Samyn / www.nathaliesamyn.fr
Worldwide Digital Distribution : Socadisc



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