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Jazz today OK bd

Jazz Today! Is a brand new digital compilation, released by IDOL on the 4th of March, to present in an honest and concise way the jazz artists nowadays. Away from Chicago’s cellars, from Bebop or from New Orleans, in Jazz Today! There are the current mainstays of modern jazz. Forget about the stainless standards and welcome today’s jazz with Henri texier, Dj Cam Quartet, David Krakauer or even Anne Paceo. A homemade IDOL compilation.


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Tracklist :

1/ Cap de bonne espérance - Florian Pellissier Quintet
2/ Dakota Mab - Henri Texier
3/ Blue Sunday - Luca Aquino
4/ Yggdrasil - PJ5
5/ Low Fat - LABTrio
6/ Diner Flottant - Perrine Mansuy
7/ Angel Heart (The Session Version) - Dj Cam Quartet
8/ Moons - Anne Paceo
9/ Lennon - Dino Rubino
10/ aKa 466 (After the Sonatas of Domenico Scarlatti) - Aka Moon Fabian Fiorini
11/ Sicilienne - Pierre de Bethmann Trio
12/ Jeju-Do - Rémi Panossian Trio
13/ The Whistleblowers - David Linx, Paolo Fresu, Diederik Wissels
14/ Calm Down - Leron Thomas
15/ Si tu vois ma mère - David Krakauer


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