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Two new names, Silvia Ribeiro Ferreira and Benjamin Bobenrieth who show also the Label’s involvement in the career development of our best regional composer artists.


Silvia Ribeiro Ferreira

A baritone, tenor and alto saxophone player, she started her classical training in 1988 at the Limoges Regional Conservatory. In the 2000s, her capacity and mastery of her instrument lead Silvia Ribeiro Ferreira to experience initiative, refresher trainings and very soon the stage with an opening to Jazz, improvised music and contemporary music.

Her ability to play her different saxophones and her involvement in the various musical groups of the Region have provided her with a lot of publicity and strengthened her already rich experience. So it was then time to let the composer express herself, a person open to the repertoires, with a subtle but assertive sensitivity, who wishes to share her path and her story.

She comes from Portugal and her energy and ability to comprehend time drive her to write and to want to forge links between Jazz, traditional music and improvisations with frequently present electro pop accents. “Luziades” will be her very first personal programme with a quartet listening to her.

Musicians: Silvia Ribeiro Ferreira (saxophones, compositions), Xavier Parlant (drums), Sébastien Barrier (keyboards), Clément Denis (bass guitar)


Benjamin Bobenrieth

« Travels » will be the new project of guitarist Benjamin Bobenrieth who will also sign with the Label for the first time. Originally from Oloron, accompanied by Samuel De Zaldua on rhythm guitar and Vincent Hemery on double bass, this trio is first of all in the great tradition of Django Reinhardt and Gipsy Jazz, a tradition they play, update and make alive and up to date through a work of original compositions.

Composing leads Benjamin Bobenrieth to rejuvenate and appropriate the gipsy jazz style while giving it a new dimension, and his inviting violinist Raphaël Tristan Jouaville, a true virtuoso who comes from contemporary western music, allows us to make a real discovery through this production.

A travel that links past, present and future. Appropriating a tradition, making it original and their own through their own personal reading, such is this trio’s ambition.

Musicians: Benjamin Bobenrieth (guitar, compositions), Samuel De Zualda (rhythm guitar), Vincent Hemery (double bass, compositions).

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