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silviaribeiroferreira almabranca

The cultural and artistic project "Alma Branca" combines in a complementary way and for the purposes of creation and cultural action an original repertoire that navigates between jazz, improvised music and traditional music. Compositions by Silvia RIBEIRO FERREIRA inspired by the history, the roots and her Portuguese-speaking origins, placed in the duality, the cultural and linguistic syncretism typical of immigrant populations. This artistic research is part of the research and construction of the “SELF” (in philosophy) of the “ME” (in psychology) in connection with the divine, the universal, the cosmic, the soul. A process that feeds on encounters, sharing, emotions, symbolism.

The meeting with his “I”. A permanent research that will give rise to the birth of the subject, of its personal development in order to build itself through a genetic, human, cultural heritage and through committed women: Simone Veil, Joséphine Baker as well as Fernando Pessoa, famous Portuguese-speaking writer. Several themes will be addressed: birth, life, the path to socialization, encounters, equity, freedom, the right to speak... It is a question of creating a real show where the musicians and the illustrator exchange, seek to create what cannot be seen.

Mainly working on dark shades in a relationship to light around the notion of chiaroscuro, white and black, the illustrator structures his work, his skeleton in order to give it a balance. Each sound is equal to a line, just as each line is equal to a sound, creating its own calligraphy of music, its own sound score. Bruno Liance, illustrator draws in rhythm, listening to the music. A visual and sound interaction, an extension of sounds in space and time.

“When the arts meet”

Graphics can be seen, looked at, admired. Music is listened to, heard, experienced.


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